Thursday, October 6, 2016

an incomplete abecedarium on exhibition at loganberry books through october 29

this year's installation of my ever-changing incomplete abecedarium of rivers, creeks, brooks, streams, runs, kills, etc., consists of images on vellum which are secured within frames and held loosely in a wooden box which partially rests on a large piece of handmade tibetan paper. the incomplete abecedarium is one of several pieces by members of art books cleveland (abc) which are on exhibition at loganberry books as part of abc's annual abecedarium (alphabet book) exhibition.

during last night's opening reception, i was deeply moved by the sensitive installation of my work, which creates an inviting space for gallery visitors to explore. if you are in the cleveland area between now and october 29, 2016, i hope you will consider stopping at the loganberry books annex gallery to see the diverse array of fascinating works by the members of art books cleveland... and possibly to meet otis, the official (feline) greeter at loganberry, and pick up some beautiful clearance books on the purple shelves, each for the asking price of 93 cents.

loganberry books is located at 13015 larchmere boulevard in shaker heights, ohio, and gallery hours are: mondays, tuesdays, fridays and saturdays from 10am-6pm, thursdays from 10am-9pm, and sundays from noon-4pm.

scribere on exhibition at notre dame college through october 28

from october 6 through october 28, 2016, my interactive installation, scribere, is on exhibition at notre dame college, as part of the art books cleveland exhibition “100.” 

scribere is an interactive installation in which inscriptions are collected and then shared to inspire poetry - both during installations and on the web at 

the exhibition can be found in the performing arts center gallery, on the ground floor of the administration building. gallery hours are monday-friday, noon til 6pm.

notre dame college
4545 college road
south euclid, ohio 44121

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

temporary shrine to the last flowers my father gave me

a new work that is imbued with meaning and memory for me, a temporary shrine to the last flowers my father gave me, is currently on exhibition as part of the 16th annual ursuline college/tri-c community college art exhibition, creativity and meaning at the end-of-life: art making with patients and families, which is on view through march 24, 2016. in the small box are two petals from a precious bouquet that traveled with me by train from texas to ohio after my last visit with my father. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

creativity and meaning at the end of life...

beginning work on my piece for the art and healing exhibition at tri-c east gallery in highland hills, ohio - an assemblage (an altered drawer from a reclaimed materials store in canton, ohio + images, including an accordion book, i think) to honor the last flowers my father ever gave me. he surprised me with a bouquet for my train journey back to ohio from texas on the last day of my visit in august, 2014. just a week later, he died. i wonder if he knew those would be the last flowers he would give his daughter? it was knowledge that i refused to allow into my consciousness, but i think that my heart knew... the photos are evidence. i miss him. working on this piece brings him close, and i am so grateful*

Sunday, September 29, 2013

art books cleveland "travel journal project," october 2013

one journey: reflections of travels in southern belize, 
spring 1997 (cover, closed), 2013

october 2013
travel journal project

an exhibition of works by members of art books cleveland
ingalls library, cleveland museum of art
11150 east boulevard, cleveland, ohio, 44106

This book is dedicated to the late Miss Manuela Cus, of the village of Silver Creek in the Toledo District of Belize, and her family, who welcomed me into their lives and taught me so much. 

I am also deeply grateful to each artisan who took time from her busy day to show me her craft, and to the many others who offered their help and kindness during my journey. 

A few months after I returned from Belize, North Atlantic Books published Maya Atlas: the Struggle to Preserve Maya Land in Southern Belize, written by the Toledo Maya Cultural Council and Toledo Alcaldes Association in collaboration with the University of California at Berkeley's department of Geography. This is an exceptional and useful book.

While my travel journal is on view in the Ingalls Library, people in the area that I visited are working with the non-governmental organization Cultural Survival to protect their ancestral lands. I have added my voice to ask that their rights be upheld

More photos and information from my journey will be added here soon.

All the best,


miss manuela cus in the doorway of her home, 
silver creek, 1997

portrait of cordelia, revisited, 2006

mandala of this journey, 2013

visiting mrs. concepciona p., spring 1997 

Friday, October 28, 2011

2307 chester ave. the last exhibition, october 28 - december 10, 2011

There is more to say about the ways that 2307 Chester has influenced my art and my thought than I could hope to fit into this artist statement… For me, The Last Exhibition is a bittersweet commemoration of the many experiences of art, conversations about art, and contemplations of art that have taken place in this beloved space.

The two Reveries presented here are contemplations of the world as experienced through the camera lens, and they are also evidence of my exploration of the potential of Matter as carrier of Image… Here, I have been inspired by the writings of Gaston Bachelard, the French phenomenologist philosopher who invites us to enter the spaces and moments of our lives imaginally, and to engage with the material world as dreamers and poets. I am deeply grateful to Art Gallery Director Robert Thurmer for introducing me to this profound thinker and dreamer of Matter…

I began my studies of art at Cleveland State University as a maker of vessels in the old Mather garage where the ceramics program was once housed. In Embracing the Wind Horse, a collaborative work with the French artist Nathanael Archer, my hand becomes the vessel–a conduit for a Tibetan Buddhist drala (or blessing). Nathanael, who calligraphed the drala in his elegant hand, offers this translation: 

In order to join heaven and earth / may the ultimate, unchanging warrior / always protect you.
May you have long life, / freedom from sickness, / and glory.
May your primordial / confidence always flourish.
May the virtuous mark / of excellent wind horse / always be uplifted.

May it be so.

Jeanne Figueira Grossetti

reveries, 2011

embracing the wind horse, 2007

Thursday, September 15, 2011

presences ~ workshop and reception

for the traveler #3 (detail), 2011

october 29, 2011, 10am-noon
Presences: Images and objects from our journeys of awakening

a workshop for members*
c.g. jung association of central ohio
59 w. 3rd avenue, columbus, ohio, 43201

what are the Presences… the Images that appear to us in our dreams, in moments of reverie, in works of art, in unexpected encounters? in this two-hour workshop, we will cultivate an environment hospitable to these Presences as we work with a variety of materials to create images and objects from our journeys. some materials will be provided, including a small (4”x4”) wood panel that can be transformed in a number of ways, and an eclectic assortment of art materials, hardware, and ephemera; participants are encouraged to bring small personal items such as photos, fabrics, and two- or three-dimensional mementos. the workshop will end with an opportunity for discussion and sharing, and will be followed by a reception.

a $5 materials fee (per workshop) is due upon registration, and a donation of $15 (per workshop) is encouraged. to register, call JACO 614.291.8050 or eMail .
limit of 10 participants per session.

* membership information and an application can be found online here.

august 22, 2009
the soul of books: pages for personal devotion

sanctuary for the arts
sunbury, ohio

june 6, 2009
the soul of books: pages for personal devotion

sanctuary for the arts
sunbury, ohio

october 11, 2008 and november 16, 2008
art and the threshold: the transformative journey

c.g. jung association of central ohio
columbus, ohio

may all travelers find joy!!